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Whats New?

CVN accepts and its inevitable works that are the for the needy lives; especially for the resource poor rural and coastal lives.. so you can join in this effort by supporting us

Women are at risk in many rural areas as they have no a secured ambiance and protection even when they are in home too, then how it would be if they are in outside or if they have to return to home after work, 

You can get involved with our activities are essential for the well-being of our fellow ones over the remote, urban slums and coastal lines by volunteering with us, joining us in various level

On the realization of a widespread platform and basement exclusively for the coastal area CBOS, NGOs and other non-profit initiatives along with farming and coastal communities, an assemblage of likeminded


The RRC initiatives this year onwards facilitates identifying different areas of livelihoods, NRM, eco-restoration, value additions, FRA, agriculture, health, education, REGS etc. This year onwards CVN has 3 RRCs across the coastal lines of AP.   


Waste to Worth and Womanhood"


CVN adopts pertinent and feasible strategies designed and materialized from its very background of founding experience, its own working experience among the rural population and the very civic need emerged from its working areas, it adopts best practices condignly for sustainable and long term solutions. The strategies are germane and requisite in for the culmination of its objectives come true as designed and visualized and towards the success of its thematic interventions, activities and projects. 

CVN has established a regional resource center for eastern coastal areas CBOs, NGOs, Non-profit initiatives and people at Katevaram to contribute to the Conservation of forest Bio-diversity and to the enhancement of livelihoods for the forest dependent\dwelling communities.

The RRC-ECA this year onwards facilitates identifying different areas of livelihoods, value additions, FRA, agriculture, health, education, REGS etc. to the forest dependent communities and initiated pilot activities with the guidance and support from Resource Agencies.  Also developed wide Networks / Collaboration with Local Governments and other Govt. Departments etc…