Campaigns against Tobacco Use

Join this Noble Cause! Let us save our CHILDREN!!

Let Us Unite, Handhold and Act for
our own children, next generation!!

One of the pernicious threats to human-life on Earth is of tobacco use only. India is the second largest producer of world’s tobacco! Tobacco kills more than 7 million people yearly world-wide due to direct tobacco use while around 8.90 lakhs are of second-hand smoke. India is one among the top 3 counties with 11.2% of world-smokers! Andhra Pradesh is the largest tobacco producer in India. Everyday about 2200 people die in India due to tobacco use being the second-leading death-cause! 

The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003 (COTPA) is the principal-comprehensive-law governing tobacco control in India. It deals with Prohibition of Advertisement, Regulation of Trade/Commerce, Production, Supply/Distribution, specific pack-warnings, sale to minors, Taxes, Smoke-free areas, penalties, shops & sales 100 meters radius of educational institutions, public smoking, indoor workplace smoking etc. And India became a party to WHO’s FCTC in 2005. Almost 95% of bus stands, even notable-locations in AP have tobacco-spit-marks and heaped-up cigarette/beedi remnants and empty plastic tobacco packets! And according to the recently released GATS (Global Adult Tobacco Survey), AP state, 30.0% of men adults either smoke tobacco and/or use smokeless tobacco! AP is the highest smokers’ state in India with a total of 42.8% of total population smoke cigarettes and other forms of smoking!! And a total of 43.3% indoor adult workers and 18.5% of adults in public places are exposed to the second-hand smoke!!

Since “enactments” rather than “Acts/Bills making” is inevitable, we need to work in facilitating effective implementation of COTPA focusing on two aspects; Creating Smoke-Free Guntur City and Exclusive Tobacco Vendor Licensing and taxation increase. And it is not Government and Departments responsibilities alone, but a collective exertion of us also in democratic and constitutional “People’s demands”.

Requests and Demand from Govt. and Departments:     


  • Implement COTPA guidelines, rules and recommendations.

  • Enforce related laws, Acts and Recommendations to control, prevent and restrict tobacco products and illegal use, sales and trade.

  • Increase taxation on tobacco products as per COTPA and other Acts related.

  • Issues orders to concerned departments, offices, officials, PRIs and all to enact on COTPA towards saving our City Guntur from “Smoke”.

  • Issue favourable orders for Policy formation for Exclusive Tobacco Vendor Licensing.


Requests and Demand from Youth and Children:

  • Let ourselves and other youngsters understand Old Tobacco Boys Vs New Tobacco Boys

  • Join and work to “TOBACCO” to “TOBACCO” (The Obstinate Boys Always Chewing for Coffin in Oblivions to The Obedient Boys’ Association for Control, Cessate and Omit)

  • Change “TB” to “TB” (“Tuberculosis to “Tobacco Banned”)

  • Don’t buy “CANCER” for mere pleasure, but teach others that they “CAN, Cease, Eradicate and Recover”


Request and Demand from Religious Groups:    


  • Don’t allow smoking or sales or chewing of tobacco products 100 meters radius of worship institution as they are “holy places”.

  • Worship places are God’s abodes of “Life” and so don’t allow “Tobacco Killer/Death”

  • Teach followers or believers not to “Commit suicide” as “Tobacco is a killer”


Request and Demand from all:

  • Lets us demand for Exclusive Vendor Licensing for Tobacco Products’ Retail Sales.

  • Increase taxation on tobacco products so to reduce tobacco easy availability.

  • Educate and save our children and youth from the “Pernicious Tobacco threat”

  • Support the campaigns to have collective action to enact COTPA 2003 Act in our State and Guntur City.

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