CVN's Child Welfare Initiatives and Achievements:

Coastal areas are always ignored and remain backward in many life basic development indicators. Education is one of the least developed one over the coastal areas. Still there are many children who are never been to school, drop outs and wander. One may think that among the indigenous communities of the coastal belts and forest fringe villages have high never been to school children, but the fact is that not only or more than them the other coastal communities have high rate of non-educating children. Thus finding the causes, CVN works and help towards the education of the costal communities’ children.

  • CVN has delivered more than 1200 laboured, drop outs, destitute and never-been to school children.

  • Ran/run RBCs and Shelter Homes etc. over two districts of AP, S. India.

  • Helped so far 750 rural children to get schooling with financial and other inputs/material supports.

Formed more than 25 school children clubs and provided supports for personality development, mental health, awareness creation, arts and sports etc.

Our Ongoing Initiatives:

Education is the basic thing for development in any realm and the same is only the thing that lack in coastal and rural areas. And support services for the old age people are also one of the main initiatives of CVN throughout its history. Since its inception the CVN extends its possible helps, services and all for this common case on its own. Throughout our working areas, the children of particularly SC/ST are lacking even text books and note books. Many of the community children are drop outs and non-school going children only. The main drawback is of the lack of the afore-given issues only. Hence every year at the beginning of the academic year, we provide the poor children text books and note books. For, we believe merely creating awareness on RTE, and the importance of education etc will not be sufficient, but need little bit of inputs in the case of SC/ST poor family children. And we also distribute cloths to the poor and orphan like old age people of its working areas.  We also distributed certificates and gifts to the high-scorers in examinations and scholarships too.

Health care including personal hygiene and how to be cautious in hygienic level while in schools and colleges, we conduct orientation classes in schools and colleges regularly every year selecting new institutions. During this year, we also supplied few mouth masks as to make them to instill the habit of personal health measures.  

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