Consumer Rights Initiatives:

"Right to Consumer Education" (RCE),

(Consumer Welfare Fund - CWF, DCA, GoI)

The Consumer Rights Act:

CVN since inception carries out few innovative activities on to create awareness and to make the rural and urban lives to be wary and to be able to identify the adulteration of consumer goods that are mainly of health, daily used items, groceries, eatables, food & beverages etc.  Besides the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter, we consume a variety of things in our daily lives such as cell phones, digital cameras, soaps, perfumes, cosmetics, among other things. Thus, all of us are consumers in the literal sense of the term. When we buy things from the market as a consumer, we expect value for money, i.e., quality, quantity, right price, information about the mode of use, etc. However, there may be instances where a consumer is cheated. In such cases, most of us do not know whom to approach to seek redressal. Moreover, a majority of us also are unaware of our “rights” as a consumer and often hesitate to complain or even stand up to unfair practices. We also don't have the recourse of costly litigation to seek justice and we continue to bear such injustice.

Some of our Activities and Achievements:

  • At par with the six Principle Rights of CPA, 1986, we organize meetings and initiatives .

  • A Practical training on the techniques to measure, understand, know and identify adulteration, defilement etc.

  • Every year since beginning CVN continues its Consumer Rights and Awareness Creation activities and programmes that are aimed at making the urban and rural population to have their Rights of legal, loyal and healthy items for their living. In addition to few other activities CVN covers mandatory topics that Consumer redressal mechanism and consumer forums’ functioning. 

Sub-Collector Sri. K. Dinesh Kumar IAS releases Posters and Pamphlets

The Activities and Initiatives under the Project


  • Formation of Exclusive Community Structures (CRPGs) and Capacity Building for Action.

  • Workshops and Focused Meeting in Schools, Public Places and Institutions etc. for Students, Officials, PRI-ERs, SHGs, CBOs, Trade Unions, NGOs, Leaders, Educationalists and Public etc.

  • Submission of Memorandums and PILs

  • Collection of Signature of 2 lakhs and mass meetings

  • Awareness Creations Sessions and Orientation Meetings

  • Organizing rallies and cultural events on Consumer Rights


RDO Sri. Syama Prasad releases Pamphlets etc.

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