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Regional Resource Centers

Empowering the Coastal Lives and Areas through Networks of CBOs, NGOs and Non-Profits

Regional Resource Centers



CVN has established a regional resource center for eastern coastal areas CBOs, NGOs, Non-profit initiatives and people at Katevaram to contribute to the Conservation of forest Bio-diversity and to the enhancement of livelihoods for the forest dependent\dwelling communities.

The RRC-ECA throughout the past two years onwards facilitates identifying different areas of livelihoods, value additions, FRA, agriculture, health, education, REGS etc. to the forest dependent communities and initiated pilot activities with the guidance and support from Resource Agencies.  Also developed wide Networks / Collaboration with Local Governments and other Govt. Departments etc… in assisting to implement and organize various developmental programs/activities, trainings and workshops. 


Objectives of RRCs
  • To facilitate to develop capacity and expand the membership of the existing networks

  • To play key roles empowering the coastal/forest dependent/dwelling/agriculture communities on forestry, marine/coastal/natural resources and making the CBOs, EDCs, VSs self-reliant institutions.

  • To disseminate information on all aspects of development needed to the partner networks and communities.

  • To enhance capacities and promote networking of CBOs, NGOs and communities, to regional level through conducting trainings, classes, workshops and meetings.

  • To facilitate and work for lobbying and advocacy of key issues in general.

  • Conduct research studies on issues, design project proposals and seek funding for the consortium or networks.

  • To provide guidance, planning, strategies, monitoring and evaluation in all the activities/projects of the partner networks.

  • To development network-partners delivering aid and providing essential public-private services of Govt. and CSR initiatives.

  • To offer effective mechanism and collaboration across social and voluntary service sector through Sustainability of a long-term Consortium learning community.

Working Linkages of RRCs

Few RRC Member NGOs

  • NEEDS, Guntur

  • JOHNS, Ithanagar

  • SHINY, Tenali

  • CREF, Krishna

  • GGM, Nellore

  • CLAPS, Pandu Rangapeta

  • HFWM, Tenali

  • SASM, Guntur

  • SJF, Guntur

  • NESHNA Trust, East Godavari

  • Green India Trust, Nellore


  • SRDS, Guntur

  • CARE, Repalli

  • IamCT, Prakasam

  • NVES, Vishakhapatnam

  • SSS, Mangalagiri

  • MHS, Pedavadlapudi

  • REEDS, Repalle

  • TRDS, Singarapuram

  • HHM, Amaravathi

  • KSM, Prodattur, Kadappa

  • MMC&TS, Women's Network

  • GSM, Thippalakatta

  • GGM, Chinaravurthotta


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