realm and the same is only the thing that lack in coastal and rural areas. And support services for the old age people are also one of the main initiatives of CVN throughout its history. Since its inception the CVN extends its possible helps, services and all for this common case on its own. Throughout our working areas, the children of particularly SC/ST are lacking even text books and note books. 



CVN offers excellent and worthy volunteering opportunity through its working areas for volunteers from India and abroad with all facilities and security. Along with 100% needy service, each of you can enjoy the beauty and thrilling of coastal lines, swamp forests, indigenous hamlets/people and forest landscapes too.  So please you may wisely and benevolently help the needy.


Coastal areas’ women’s socio-economic-livelihood-participatory development and empowerment is a prioritized concern of CVN since inception. For, the women of our coastal working areas are being chained by socio-political-religious unwritten concepts and followings and notions. To have development these all chains should be removed and basically the social, educational, participatory levels have to be increased. 



There are many genuine and urgent causes for which you get involved as volunteer, worker and supporter. Some of such needs are the feeding of old age people, rural health care, rehabilitation of orphan and other street wandering children, PLHIVs, Drinking water needs of slum dwellers and isolated areas, coastal lives' epidemics' prevention, water conservation etc.


We provide education and everything savings, money, materials, lands, buildings, companies, resources and everything what we feel good and needy, but WE FORGET THE FACT THAT WE are putting them into pernicious LIFE –THREATS by not providing them knowledge to conserve WATER the unique and greatest resource without which nothing can survive on the surface of the Earth.


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