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Introduction and Our Activities:


Health is Wealth is an all the time important proverb only and according to its importance it is not a simple proverb, but a must to act Life Basic only! Almost all the in-healthy problems of all categories of people can be analyzed that the root causes will end in the un-hygienic practices. Personal hygiene is the practice that leads to body cleanliness and good personal appearance or simply personal grooming. The personal hygiene may be in the form of bathing, hair shaving or having a haircut, brushing the teeth, washing of hands and clothes. There are a number of reasons for good personal hygiene and thus its importance. These include social, personal, health or psychological reasons.

The practices in personal hygiene contribute to good health. Personal hygiene helps in protection against some of the infectious diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery. The practice of hand washing is often forgotten by many people yet it is one of the ways to prevent a plethora of diseases and disorders from developing. Use of unclean hands may make one, for example, contract diseases such as cholera or diarrhea. The hands should always be washed thoroughly before eating or preparing the meals so as to avoid contamination of the meals and hence minimize the development of the diseases related to the same. Furthermore, good personal hygiene is important since it increases one’s interpersonal relationship especially at the places of work. Poor hygiene may dissuade people from being friends with an individual. The appearance is one of the first things people notice on anyone and therefore should be well cared for. The employees such the nurses and the medical practitioners have to practice hygiene so as to prevent any spread of diseases at their work places.


Our Free Distribution of Personal and Familial Hygienic Materials:


CVN has so far supplied to educate and inure the public to be habituated clean and healthy hygienic measures. The items that we supplied include Shampoo sachets, Napkins, Mosquito Nets, Soaps, Towels, Soap or no-rinse body wash, Shampoo or no-rinse shampoo, Hand sanitizer, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Dental Floss, Feminine Hygiene Products (they can also be used to staunch bleeding wounds), Baby Wipes, Facial cleansing cloths, Toilet paper, Lotion/Lip Balm, Manicure Set (Nail Clippers, Nail Brush, File), Diapers, Small and large trash bags or recycled grocery bags, Dustbins, Disposable gloves etc.


Our Commitment:


CVN has plans to take-up this successful and very innovative and inevitable activities to other needy areas of both rural and urban cities, towns and areas so to make each and every child, adolescent, youth and elders of all categories educated or un-educated, for almost all people have ignorance on the best personal and familial hygienic practices and measures. And so CVN has budgetary limitations and constraints, it seek small support from well-wishers, companies and people to fulfill its vision of making each person of India literate on Hygiene.

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