Life Security of Women

No woman and girl should loss their life! Never Should Risk their life!! And no more should live fearfully!!!)

India’s and especially the state of Andhra Pradesh’s majority of population are living in rural areas only. Most of the rural women and girls are unable to read and write even the vernacular language or local dialect! It makes them to depend on others! Many of these villages/hamlets have no basic transport and communication facilities and also each and every village settlement in AP State unlike other states has 5 to 10 kilometers distance in between nearby villages most of the time with no one on muddy connecting roads covered with agro-fields and agro-forestry. Women are at risk in many rural areas as they have no a secured ambiance and protection even when they are in home too, then how it would be if they are in outside or if they have to return to home after work, job and studies late! Most of the rural women and girls are illiterate; in the sense not simply on how to read and write – but many LIFE BASICS’ needs and necessities like even using a Mobile Phone, sending message and do not have this inevitable one so to save their life when they are in a trouble to send a message or to call somebody for help or to record or to take a photo of the offender/attacker as evidence and many such benefits!! And such many life-basics are there on which they are illiterate and ignorant!!! (For example accessing to service numbers, emergency numbers like police, fire force, health, women’s cell, legal aid and such basics)











































What the Project Does?:

As the situation is so, CVN has plans to open Life Basics Literacy Animation Centers selecting few Mandals yearly at Headquarters.  These Exclusive Animation Centers will function up to ten months so that make a women phalanx equipped with knowledge, capacity, informed, shared and transformed towards accordance throwing away all chains and coming out from the dungeon of ignorance and illiteracy to be equal as of or more than men climbing the first rung of the development ladder. We are committed for the same, if those centers set-up over all Mandals thus covering all the Mandals every year for 4 to 5 years no girl or women will be left without knowledge and literacy as the girl children will be sent to school and all the women who are illiterates and ignorant will be made literates on life basics!!!

Few Facts:


(On Traditional Literacy - Read, write and use arithmetic)

According to Census 2011, Literacy rate of India is 74.04% and he Male literacy rate is 82.14% and Female literacy rate is 65.46% only; a great disparity and inequality in between. Is it because the girls and women have no capacity in comprehension, studies, thinking, mentally and all? Or they are averse to schooling or even literacy, NO Not all! But they are not allowed!! They are being treated that “women are not supposed to study”. (In reality these claims of percentages are far beyond only!!!)

See the situation in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Literacy rate is 67.66 percent as per 2011 population census. Of that, male literacy stands at 75.56 percent while female literacy is at 59.74 percent. How pathetic it is, shamefully even much lower than the national rate!!! Hence it is a challenge for CVN to make the women and girls to be “LITERATE” not only simply on how to read but to have knowledge or literacy on all life basics as of men to have better plan, discerning power, independent thinking/volition to change their “fate” towards development and empowerment.

Forget about the USE OF Arithmetic, but at least to be able to read the boards of buses, trains and shops or Government Offices or to SIGN on main documents! And even able to read what is being written on their legal ID Cards!



(On ICT and Life-Basics)

In India, less than 46% of women own and use a mobile phone, according to the fourth NFHS dated 2015-16. This has had the effect of limiting independence for many women, as well as access to opportunities, saving their life when they are in danger, late to reach to destined place, if someone try to attack/molest/rape/acid attack/ kidnap, happened to be travelling alone in buses, auto-rickshaws and the problem is worse when the data is examined more closely. (There are many occasions they will be left alone after few minutes or hours of journey and after passengers get down, women and girls sexually attacked, killed, abandoned on roads etc.) Acid attackers, eve teasers, sexual gestures, openly showing of genitals, rape attempts, harassment on public places / work sites are also high over not only urban but rural areas too. The women and girls In Indian urbanized centers, 62% of women use their own handsets, but in rural regions the figure is under 37%. 

Literacy - Innovation of the Project:

Literacy – For CVN as of its “Education” Policy and Concept; LITERACY is not merely making people to be able to read and write with letters or language scripts alone, CVN visualizes and goes beyond it to teach the rural and urban women and girls to be literate on Mobile Phone Usage, Operating Apps, Social Media literacy, Financial Literacy, Opening Bank Accounts & procedures/schemes/savings etc, Information & Sharing medias/ accesses, Using Apps/Mobile/Social Media to get informed/sharing of information (Whatsapp groups etc.), Pension Planning, Health Tips to Mobiles, Rupay/Online payments, Computer/Internet/E-Mails literacy, Credit/Debit Card use, Password Protection, Monthly/Weekly budget planning Literacy, online/mobile redressal other mechanisms/emergency assistance (100, 101, 201, 104, 108, 181 nationwide WH numbers (1090, 1091, 1073, 103,  131/135, emergencies, “One stop crisis Centre”, online websites, fire services,  health emergency, ambulance, imminent emergency police assistance, etc.)  and such many basics of life.

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