Literacy Initiatives

“An Inclusive Initiative for Ignorance to Ignition and Latent to Literacy and Life Security”)

The Adult Literacy Programmes:

The Adult Literacy Initiatives that the CVN implement is unique and it has special features and objectives that make the initiatives differ from others. The Adult Literacy Programmes that we take-up is at par with the curriculum and approaches with a vision of “a literate village in a literate India” to educate the women folks of rural India to be literate. Finding the literacy in a simple way of “learn and write”, the programme is designed it with the aim of transforming the non-literate, through a five goals devising, they are:

  • To teach learners reading, writing and doing simple arithmetic

  • To bring awareness on health and environmental stewardship

  • To motivate them to improve their social standards

  • To empower their economic growth

  • To teach ethical and spiritual values


Since the adults did not have much time to spare, there is a curriculum from scratch to span one year’s teaching. This also has to cover various subjects that would meet the five goals. Using  CVN designed Literacy Primers as the major component CVN is committed to accomplish a literacy standard as of 5th class level in one year. CVN is running such 25 literacy teaching centers in the Sate of Andhra Pradesh. 

Know about our Life-Basics Literacy Project

The Project Features, Aim and Objectives:

Enhance sustainable outcomes and impacts towards the overall Life Basics development of rural population in Socio-Literacy-health-economic-equality life-basics development at par with Dignified, Secured and Self-Esteemed Life towards the process of Nation Building.

Project Objectives:

Overall Objective: Make every illiterate and ignorant lives aged between 15 to 55 literate and knowledgeable on their mother tongue scripts and life basics that are inevitable for their Socio-Literacy-health-economic-equality life-basics development.


Specific Objectives:

  • To make each and every illiterate person aged between 15 to 55 years old literate on how to read and write and able to do their language (Local and vernacular dialect) based needs of all levels by themselves.

  • To make each and every ignorant women and girl aged between 15 to 55 to literate and knowledgeable on day to day and long term Life Basics that are essential for their peaceful living, life security, confidential/personal development, participation, socio-economic and income security etc.

  • Top contribute to the MDG goals of personal and familial development and well-being and to the process of creating an educated/literate phalanx.

The Literacy Primers and Tools:

In order to function the Learning Centres or Animation Centre effectively and systematically, each centre needs infrastructure and materials that are essential. Hence we brought and handed over slates, pencils, registers, black boards, white chock piece boxes, markers, emergency lamps, table flowers etc. to each animation centre, which the animators received on behalf of their respective centres. 

Now each centre has basic materials and functions under good atmosphere, infrastructure and climate suitable for each learner to sit for learning, discussing, interacting and exchange their experiences.

Each Animation Centre under the project is functioning well as we envisaged or planned. In few centers there are more than 35 members to learn and study. Most of the women and girls in the centers are quick and show fast understanding talents and are regular in attending the classes. The animators are also good enough in having voluntary service minds and performing their assigned tasks and duties in time and as stipulated. They give much attention focusing the weak and slow responders to make them active and to follow the learning process as of others.

We asked the animators to focus also on few basic activities voluntarily that would make the people and villagers progressive and better in sanitation, health, education and environmental improvements etc. 

What Field Success Speak?

"Ignorance to Ignition"

IK. Amibly Kumari is a resident of Veijendla in Tenali RD, Guntur district. She has her family with husband and two girl children who study in primary classes in village itself. She came to the AL classes after long days of mobilizing and personal talks only. She might have asked a hundred times about teaching of religious lessons in the center (as somebody informed her in order to divert her). We told her you don’t need to worry and we are to teach you only literacy primers, not came to teach you religious lessons or stories. Thus she came and joined the Literacy Center and started to learn the scripts and lesson being taught in the center. She never thought that she could learn and able to read and write!

Now after the 6 months class in evening batch, she became able to read and write and also do arithmetic calculations! She told that she was put to shame whenever she went to Bank and other offices while even asked her to sign. She was putting only thump impression. She said that I was ignorant even to know what is written on my IDs! Now Ambily's Ignorance has changed to Ignition by all means! She is now a subscriber of more than 4 Telugu vernacular language Dailies. 

"Stubborn to STANDARD"

Yellamatti Shyamala is resident of Vemuru.  Shyamala was a differently natured lady who never thought of getting married due to the bitter experiences she had from her home and the neighbours. When we met, he was averse to even talk to us due to her harsh life-experiences formed decisions that to abstain even from marriage and to live alone with agro-works remaining in her village itself. Later she told us the reasons that led her to take such decision and remain in the whole life. It was her father who was a drinking alcohol since morning to night and he used to beat her mother and her. She told that she never knew the love of either her father or mother, for they both never stayed together happily though all of them lived in a single house. Her father was always doubtful in her mother that she used to have immoral connections with few men in the village where she goes for agro-labour works. Her elder brother was never to be seen in the village as he went away from the home due to the situation. 

After her parents' death only she came to know the issues and difficulties of living alone. One of the neighbor houses gave her protection staying in the night with her in her house. As the days are passed by, she came to understand that others also get difficulty due to her lonely living. People started to tease her, men haunted her salacious minds etc. Thus she finally thought to get marry and thus came a man from the nearby village with very good manner and attitude, believing him she married him. But later only she came to know that he was not a good man and was a drunkard. She also came to understand that if parents are not responsible and if no one is to help, a girl’s life will be in danger. Due to our repeated appeal she with a half-mind decided to join the literacy class. 

Thus she came to the center from the very first day onwards, which she never missed even one time too. In the center she was having a separate seating to say sitting alone without mingling with others easily. The other women and ladies told us that she was so not only in this center, but generally. She was averse to social gathering, she was not in membership with any of the village CBOs including SHGs too. She never attends marriages, funeral functions or any of the functions in the village. She told us that later she even did not see the 20 kilometers nearby district headquarter, Guntur which is now the state capital! Understanding this very nature of extra-introversion and stubborn nature, we focused on her while we taught the literacy primers, teaching the books, telling the moral stories. She also trained well in "Life Basics Literacy that CVN offers.

Now she is married and have one baby boy and she is able to read and write and not only that she is able to use internet, online forms, emergency services, loans/schemes/subsidies/grants and all not simply for her, but for anyone who needs such help too. She is now a teacher in one of our evening literacy animation center!!!

Know about our Life-Basics Literacy Project

Know about our Life-Basics Literacy Project

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