Organic Farming and Bio-Technology Based Agriculture

BioTechnology based Agriculture (Bio-Fertilizers and Pesticides and Promotion of Seweed Cultivation (Marine Agriculture etc.

CVN carries out its activities through RRC and it directly too.  Conducting resource mapping and appraisal, we organize mass meetings and workshops in order to facilitate the public opinion, to collect signatures for recommendation and to make understand the issues to the public and others (Line departments) and also we seek funding for the same. The protection of natural resources is very important over our working areas, for the same is getting depleted day by day. Hence mechanisms of community structures, capacity building, and strong implementation of activities are essential. And Agriculture is the mainstay income and livelihood of rural India and of course for the areas of our working states. Hence any development claim without the development of this important sector is incomplete and void. And agriculture families face many issues and difficulties that it gets non-remunerative, lack of water and becomes fribble. Few of our activties:

  • Promoted organic farming through natural means of fertilizing for guarding and improvement of soil productivity, indigenous & eco- friendly ways of agriculture investment towards the establishment of sustainable agriculture/ to make sure food security, livestock health, better environment, high yielding, and remunerative marketing to strengthen the farming community that feed our nation.

  • Selection, Survey and finalization of women/girls for trainings and other enterprises aspects.

  • Training to women/girls Youths on Bio-Fertilizers, Products and Organic pesticides manufacturing and rural technology on WtE and Banana fiber extraction.

  • Capacity Building and other aspects’ orientation and trainings.

  • Feasibility studies, finalizing units, action plan, finalization of individual unit establishing trainees etc.

  • Promotion for establishment and facilitation of production units, individual and if women interested, common units too.

  • Linkages and networks for sales and marketing of products Finalization of activities and project and Follow-up.

  • Initiatives to integrate the units with GPs/PRIs and Government Schemes, Programmes etc.

  • Technical training need to women and girls on Bio-Fertilizers and Organic Agriculture and pesticides.

  • Scientific approach needed in collection, storage, processing, preparation, packing etc.

  • Scientific Awareness Creation need to the beneficiary youths and the agro-investors etc.

  • Promoting Seaweed Cultivation- Coastal/Marine Agriculture

Bio-Technology Based Agro-Products for which we impart training, manufacture and promote are:

  • Rhizobium culture (Atmospheric N2 Fixation)

  • Mycor

  • rlizal Fungi (VAM)

  • Vermi Compost

  • (Vermi Casting Compost)

  • Neem cake

  • Azotobacter

  • Potash Mobilizer

  • Pseudomonas Fluorescens

  • Trichoderma Viride

  • Phosphobacteria

  • Azospirillum

  • Neem and Brahma Astra

  • Trichodermavirdi, Pseudomonas

  • Nuclear Poly Hydraulic Virus

  • Ajatobater, Azospyrilla

  • PSB

  • Azolla

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