Special Programme for FSW, Trafficked, Raped and Difficult Circumstances Women

The coastal districts and cities of AP have high prevalence of sex work and prostitution by girls, women and transgenders. There are still more women and girls come into prostitution even persuaded and beaten by husbands too. Violence, high risks, prevalence of STI, STDs, HIV and AIDS etc. increases as many of them have unprotected sexual intercourse. Recent observation show that the use of condoms among FSW has increased, but the sex works of transgenders is risky and pose spread of STDs etc. The prostitution became a "fashion" and easy method of earning money for pleasure, luxury and the men's drinking etc. 

The Interesting fact is that though use of condoms or protected sex increased, NO decrease in sex work or prostitution!!! It increases day by day. The illiterate, ignorant, poverty-striken families and communities women are easily be brought or themsleves come to prostitution. And the number of girls and women, who are mentally, socially and even by families; tortured and forsaken as a result of rape, trafficking and being left out by men with whom girls eloped; are also increasing in number.

Our Few Activities:

  • Rescuing FSW and other Women and girls,

  • CBOs Structuring,

  • Skilling and Forming into legal entities,

  • Literacy of Life Basics, Letter and their legal resources 

  • Establishing exclusive enterprises for them,

  • Enhancement of Income and Employment ,

  • Support services etc.

Violence, insecurity, risk of loosing life and deadly diseases are the few major they face and in general when in old age or when their beauty and age go down, they remain in the dungeon of misfortune, loneliness, distress and cared by none!

And so CVN since 2018-19 on wards takes up few activities even in its financial constraints, to save such lives, rehabilitate and enhance their income and livelihood to lead a LIFE of Dignity personally and familial levels. 

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