Our Values

Our Strategies


CVN’s projects/activities and programmes are of civic demand and need based only, which are evolved from its studies of rural issues and resources. In order to reach out the needy beneficiaries and areas and to make sure its activities successful, CVN has certain ideologies and philosophy giving supreme apprehension and participation of the people. Our main strategies are:

  • Networks with resourceful and likeminded NGOs/Agencies/Dep/CBOs

  • Community Structures and Capacity Building

  • Advocacy and Lobbying and linkages

  • Participation and leadership

  • Action Research and Information Dissemination

  • Research and Feasibility Studies and project formulation

  • Support and project implementation services

Our Target Groups

Civil society, NGOs, CBOs, Coastal fishing & other families, SCs/STs, PTGs, Dalits, Women & Children, Rural Resource Poor, Artisans, Forest Dwelling/Dependent communities, Farming Communities etc.


Our Focus of Work

Networks of CBOs/Civil societies/NGOs, Community Development, Rural Infrastructures,  Watersheds, Marine Agriculture, Marine/Ocean technology, Costal Agriculture/Seaweed cultivation, Rural Livelihood, Agriculture and Ecological Development, Environment and Forest Resource Conservation, Skills Development, Water & Sanitation, Disaster/Calamity Relief/Rehabilitation, Protection of endangering and jeopardizing flora/fauna/monuments/cultures etc.

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