Women Development and Empowerment is one of the prime objectives of CVN. Women’s socio-political participation will bring empowerment and equality in many levels, but in a country which has countless castes & sub-castes, religions, rituals, customs etc. it is not easily possible. But if they economically sustained the dependency will be reduced that make them to come out into mainstreams and utilize opportunities, fight for their Rights and bring changes in many realms that do not consider them even as women – equal part of humankind.

Awareness Creation is Education and it is very important to have positive changes towards sustainable changes and is common with any developmental projects’ success being played a key role in positive and indispensable changes among individuals, groups, societies etc. For, ignorance is the prime one that debilitates and makes vulnerable the women and girls into exploitation, non-accesses, non-development, bondage. CVN Conducted awareness creation training, seminars and workshops on Women Rights, Constitution, Consumer Rights, Food and Nutrition, Various Acts, Equality, Health, Hygiene, Govt. Schemes, Education, Reading, Library, IPC, RTI/RTE/RTS, Human Rights, Legal Awareness for Women, 73rd& 74th Amendment of constitution.

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